Writing an argumentative essay isn’t an easy task. It should focus on providing a valid argument and then finding supportive evidence to defend your opinion. These essays require significant analytical and critical thinking skills to complete a comprehensive paper. The success of any paper depends on the choice of theme. Unique argumentative essay topics can help make an essay interesting for readers in Canada. We’re going to guide through the process of choosing great themes for such kind of essays.

Approaches to Writing Argumentative Essays

Before starting to write an essay, think about a relevant theme. A title should be current and popular to draw the attention of your readers. You can use one of three approaches to writing essays:

  • Classical approach – a writer introduces an issue to be further discussed, suggests his/her solution, and tries to persuade readers that this solution is viable. This approach is easy and effective. You can choose argumentative essay topics that are unique and develop arguments without difficulties.
  • Toulmin approach – an author develops a thesis statement based on background information found in the sources he/she examined and supports or refutes his central argument with the help of evidence found in related literature in Canada.
  • Rogerian approach – this approached is based on an evaluation of two alternatives that can be used to solve the problem. The writer chooses an issue and considers the advantages and disadvantages of two different solutions. Then the author provides a solution.

The choice of unique argumentative essay topics for college depends on the approach you’re going to choose in Canada. Try to avoid controversial titles if you’re not experienced in defending your opinion. These themes are prone to prejudice, and your readers may ask many questions you’re not able to answer.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics Unique

By following these simple rules, you can select the best topics for your essay:

  • Make your topic catchy from the first words
  • Track recent trends
  • Select reliable sources of information
  • Avoid excessively broad/narrow topics
  • Avoid emotional titles
  • Focus on the target audience
  • Select several topics and then choose one of them which is the most attractive
  • Take a risk: the choice of a debatable issue may result in success if you can defend your position
  • Share your personal experience – this can be interesting to readers

These are the basics of choosing the title for your essay. We hope you can take benefit from our tips and write an outstanding essay!