Writing a good essay is one thing, but being able to express your thoughts in a way that readers can relate and understanding them is another challenge. You need not only exceptional writing skills but also an ability to analyze, synthesize and debate on complex discourses. Moreover, given that approaches to academic writing vary depending on the type of essays, it is imperative students explore beyond narrative.

What if your teacher asks you to come up with popular topics in Canada to write an argumentative essay? How will you go about it? Well, keep reading to learn more.

Argumentative writing: Prerequisites

Like every other essay type, argumentative write-ups constitute an introduction, body and conclusion. However, the catch with this type of writing is that it requires the presentation of evidence logically, progressively and concisely. A student must, first of all, select one from the most popular argumentative essay topics, generate information/data, synthesize it, evaluate its validity, then take a stance. Take, for example, a topic like, The internet is to blame for laziness among college students. Do you write in support of or otherwise?

Well, a notable approach which many scholars in Canada approve is that a student explores both sides, namely pro arguments and counterarguments then take a stand depending on which side carries more weight. Do not forget to always restate the thesis statement when presenting arguments.

Popular topics to consider for your argumentative essay

Now, with the above guidelines at your fingertips, you wouldn’t want to settle for less. Therefore, steer clear of not popular argumentative topics unless you have what it takes to craft a masterpiece on them. Instead, you should give the following popular argumentative essay topics a try:

  1. Athletes who use steroids should be banned from taking part in sporting activities.
  2. Governments should lower the age of eligible voters to 14.
  3. To what extent will electric vehicle help curb global warming and is the world ready for green energy? Discuss.
  4. What are the pros and cons of a monarchy?
  5. Is the legalization of same-sex marriages breaking ethical boundaries and customary law?
  6. Is the advancement of technology turning humans into emotional zombies?
  7. Can we blame social media for spreading of global terrorism in the 21st century? Discuss.
  8. Mercy killing: Should it be pegged on constitutional law or ethics?
  9. Is artificial intelligence the new age superhuman?
  10. Marijuana as a painkiller: Should it be used on cancer patients?