Argumentative essays are undoubtedly fun to write being challenging at the same time. The thing that makes them exciting is the fact that they can be written in support of and in opposing tone. Thus, one will always find students working keenly on such a task. Interesting argumentative essay topics require a lot of research and a proper, organized manner of presenting the points. Professors often give assignments like these to the undergraduates to test their writing as well as critical skills in a single task.

What are argumentative essays?

The central concept behind writing an argumentative essay is to talk about a topic/subject that is debatable in nature, and where one can find several perspectives on the same topic. The main idea of such papers is to validate your points with proper facts and data in favour of your argument and persuade the readers towards your opinion. It involves taking a more in-depth insight into the subject and exploring all the points associated with the same.

If you are looking for some ideas to begin your school assignment, checking out a few of the very interesting argumentative essay topics is the key. Also, these would surely make you learn about the aspects that make up great opinions for future tasks.

Ten interesting argumentative essay topic ideas for students

  1. Do video games impact Canadian kids’ minds and promote values of aggression and violence in them?
  2. Should students be given a right to decide what they must be taught in schools in Canada?
  3. Do reality television shows resemble real-life activities and sentiments?
  4. Are there any unexplored subjects that should be given more importance in schooling in Canada?
  5. Is the current Canadian grading system an ideal one for students?
  6. Do institutes need to impart art education as seriously as the other curriculum subjects in Canada?
  7. Do location and culture have an impact on a child’s growth?
  8. What are the primary responsibilities that the Canadian government must take for its citizens?
  9. Should cigarettes be outlawed in Canada because of their impact on an individual’s health?
  10. Should religious aspects be mixed with politics or left out of it?

What makes them interesting and which areas can be explored?

You must be wondering, what makes argumentative topics interesting? There are various things, but what tops the list is their ability to involve the readers to finish an essay till the end and get their mind thinking on the issue/subject under consideration. Being debatable, they are often very catchy.

There are various areas or genres that one can explore while writing one, such as-

  • Society
  • Politics
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Education system
  • Government laws
  • Media
  • Technology, etc.

To come up with interesting argumentative topics, explore your interests a little and pick the argumentative essay topics interesting to you. They check the writer’s aptitude to deliver well-researched and well-defined content concisely. Thus, being opinionated is something these types of assignments require. Choose the idea or topic that suits you best and produce a stellar argumentative essay!