Argumentative essays are an essential part of the curriculum in Canada. Professors in schools and universities often assign tasks to students wherein they need to write an argumentative essay outline and the essay itself on some debatable topic of their choice or in the field of the study suggested by the instructor.
Sample argumentative essay outline
Writing an argumentative essay outline is your action plan for the entire content. It will help you in combining and organizing different ideas that you have for the writeup.
The structure that you will be following for argumentative essay outline high school is the same as that of the final essay Canada. In the outline, however, you just have to name the arguments, and in the essay, you have to describe them in details.
Here’s a basic structure of an argumentative essay outline template:
#1: Introduction Section
The introduction is one of the essential parts of every article. It mainly consists of three things:
1.Hook statement
2.Background information
3.Thesis statement
The starting statement should be eye-catching so that it hooks the reader into getting acquainted with the article further.
Next, you need to mildly hint the things that you would be talking about in your writeup.
For the thesis, the writer must write a strong 1-2 line thesis explaining the gist of the topic that will be talked about.
#2: Body Section
This is the main element of the outline. Here, you need to present claims, which will be your arguments for the essay. A writeup can contain up to five of them. You will also require evidence to support your claims. These are generally based on authentic information, statistics and facts.
#3 Opponent’s claims
You also need to take the opponents’ claims in consideration and refer to them in brief in your article. Once you have your points laid out, you can research for claims that are not in support of the ones made by you.
#4 Conclusion Section
In this section, you will be basically modifying your thesis and writing in different words. Also, you need to summarize your research in brief. Make sure you use loud arguments in conclusion to create a better influence.
Argumentative essay outline example
To help you out, here’s an argumentative essay outline sample for you:
Topic Internet and IT are the new ways of living, the most important advancement in technology
Hook statement: Can one even imagine the world without the Internet nowadays?
Background information: It will include how the Internet came into existence.
Thesis statement: The birth of the Internet has helped in integrating everything into a single niche.
Claim: Internet and IT have together created over ten million jobs worldwide.
Evidence: Internet has resulted in stabilizing the income of 0.15% of the world. The salaries offered in the field can easily support a family of 4-5 members.
Conclusion: All the sectors, be it digital marketing or engineering revolve around the world of the Internet and IT today.

This was just a brief sample to explain different sections of the outline. For elaborate explanation, there is an argumentative essay outline pdf available online for students’ help not just in Canada. One can also consider seeking help for writing an impressive plan as well as the article.