With the objection to rote learning becoming more assertive, students in Canada are now being encouraged to develop and be vocal about their opinions. Schools and universities are emphasizing on dishing out good topics for an argumentative essay to students in order to encourage them to be articulate about their opinions and think creative solutions on such topics. The idea is to allow students to be mentally strong and prepared to solve some of the pressing issues in the world by developing the right acumen and resources today. Good argumentative essay examples can be wide-ranging. Topics that affect students at a personal level or the ones that demand global attention are good options.

Here is a list of some good argumentative essay topics for students:

1. Water crisis:

Arguably water conservation is one topic that everyone has studied extensively in school. Yet, only a handful of people globally have actually realized the gravity of the same and work towards it. Students can be extremely creative and play a major role in water conservation in Canada. On a daily basis, students accost several opportunities through which they can actively conserve water, which can be easily incorporated, making this one of example of good argumentative essay. For instance, emptying an old water bottle in a planted pot or washing groceries in a bowl of water and emptying the same in the garden etc.

2. Taking academics outside the classroom:

Students are well equipped with books and other resources for academics in Canada to write a good argumentative essay sample. However, with the number of issues pertaining in the world and the amount of the examples of good argumentative essays out there, it is imperative to arm them with practical knowledge and solution-driven mindset. It is high time that education becomes focused on hands-on experiences and practical influences. Writing on good argumentative essay topics is one step closer to this approach.

3. Imbibing overall fitness:

In today’s scenario where obesity, mental health issues, depression and the drug abuse are on the increase, it is essential to understand the significance of mental, physical as well as emotional fitness right from an early age. What makes this one of the good argumentative essay topics is the fact that offering an environment for children to thrive without insecurities, bullying, body shaming, peer pressures, but with the focus on sports and outdoor activities, emotional well-being and spiritual connectivity along with mental agility is one of the biggest responsibilities of any community. So, we hope we helped you with writing a good argumentative essay example.