Writing is sometimes a challenge to students, but with the help of this guide, you will learn some easy argumentative essay topics, which you can use in your next assignment. You can use these ideas to come up with your own titles.

First, you need to understand what an argumentative essay is. It is an authoritative piece of writing that provides guidance, and that requires a thorough investigation of a topic. In this genre of the essay, one must gather the evidence, evaluate it, and finally develop a succinct opinion based on all the information present. Before researching and writing, you have to understand what the topic dictates. Here are some examples of the distinct argumentative essay easy topics:


Under this field, the following topics arise:

  • Religion is key to a child’s upbringing.
  • Why conventional learning surpasses online learning.
  • Social media usage prevents quality academics in students.
  • Do transgender students still face huddles in learning centers?

Health and medicine

The following are some argumentative essay topics that are easy, found under this field:

  • Is the Canadian healthcare system more advanced than the American one?
  • How family genetics and prior health history affects an individual’s health.
  • Canada needs new health policies.
  • Does the human brain lead people into believing false ideas?


Consider the following:

  • Does high taxation have a psychological effect on people?
  • Injuries cause psychological torture to the victims.
  • Stress arising from work is usually overshadowed.
  • Parenting has a huge psychological challenge, true or false?  

Political science

Some argumentative essay topics easy and straightforward to write include the following:

  • Does global governance ever influence the growth and development of states in Canada?
  • The fight on global warming is being politicized.
  • The effect of bad leadership on the voters’ impetus to participate.
  • Why women make the best leaders.


Check the following:

  • Capitalism or socialism, which one is better?
  • Are shares considered as investments?
  • Economic policies that third world countries should adopt to improve their growth.
  • Protectionism or free trade policies, which ones should nations pick?
  • The pros and cons of a customs union.


In terms of sporting activities in Canada, the following topics are relevant:

  • Does sport affect academics?
  • Colleges spend too much on sports, true or false?
  • Females lack equal chances in sports compared to men.
  • Is there a sport that is detrimental to your health and why?

To sum up, you must realize that the title of the article is a very crucial part of your essay, so it must be informative and original to draw readers’ attention.