An argumentative essay is the type of paper in which one talks about a debatable subject in detail and gives his/her arguments on the issue. Also, a person needs to describe the opposite views to cover the topic fully. It completely depends on the writer on what arguments he/she wishes to support the main write-up with. One must check out good argumentative essay examples in Canada before writing a paper to produce a successful piece.

Argumentative essay sample

The structure to be followed

A good argumentative essay is to be written according to the following basic structure:

  1. Introduction

This part consists of three main things  – a hook statement, background information, and a thesis statement.

  • Body

This part describes the main arguments/claims, along with the evidence associated with them.

  • Opponents’ arguments

A few arguments should be presented in opposition to the main ones to cover different aspects of the subject.

  • Conclusion

In this part, the writer must include the statement in a call-to-action way as well as the major point as a summary.

Models of an ideal argumentative assignment

Two main argumentative essay models are followed:

  1. Toulmin model
  2. Rogerian model

The Toulmin model consists of an introduction, which has the thesis. This is followed by a presentation of the information that supports the claims. Further, in the write-up, warrants are listed as the reasons in support of the arguments made.

In the Rogerian model, one needs to weigh the options; that is, list the strengths as well as weaknesses of the options. Thus, giving recommendations or ‘after analysis’ of what was discussed in the article.

Example of argumentative essay

Here’s an example of an argumentative essay writing service in Canada that reflects one of the best argumentative essays’ concept:


“A resource like water is the boon of nature to humans. When we see it, we realize the importance of the gifts of nature. In other words, water has become the synonym of life today. We just can’t even think of life without it. Right from drinking to preparing food, washing to bathing, domestic to professional usage, water has become the basic need today.  

And when we look at the benefits of saving water—preserving the environment, minimizing the effects of drought, recreational purposes, cutting down on potential costs — we realize how crucial it is to respect this wonder and make every effort to save it; there’s simply no other way that humanity can exist without it.”

In this argumentative essay example, the two paragraphs above present the arguments on water and are supported with proper evidence.

This was just a brief example argumentative essay to make it clearer on how to write a sample argumentative essay in Canada. You can check out other qualitative essay argumentative samples online. Or, you could even seek online professional help to aid you out with such assignments.